Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oops, I forgot to socialize the kids!

This is the thing I hear MOST about homeschooling, "They need to socialize with other kids their own age".  Most folks have this preconceived notion that homeschoolers spend all of their time locked up from the outside world or at home with just their parents, some do, but most do not. 
I'm only homeschooling my littlest guy right now, but come fall they all will be once again, due to changes in our school district.
Homeschoolers do get socialized and it's a "good" socialization.
 None of that peer pressure, bullying, nasty talk that they learn in the public schools. They socialize with ALL ages and most times the kids are socializing more. They have more manners and etiquette. 
Homeschoolers are involved with co-ops, playgroups, sports, arts, theater, scouts, 4H clubs, church groups, music, dance, clubs, library, and many more activities. They are actually socializing with the best peer groups they could possibly be. 
I got so tired of hearing of this whole "they need to socialize" bit  over and over I finally caved and gave up my battle with family members to homeschool and sent my littles to public school. I regret that decision every day since. NEVER AGAIN! I will forever stand up for their health, safety,education, and well being. 
Don't ever let anyone stop you from homeschooling over socializing! 

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