Friday, January 27, 2012

Whoops! I missed Thursday, but Welcome to Collage Friday!

I said Thursday's post would be on Freeschoolin'. Well, after a crazy week of playing a single parent while Daddy was on afternoons, I was just too wore out to sit and even think last night. Tonight I feel the same way...drained. So to be short and sweet tonight I've decided  to join  the Friday Collage Blog Post and give a little sneak peak of my family to the ones following who don't know us personally.

This is MY Family!

Me ~ Married Mom of 6 boys Just trying to raise great men =0)
My Hubby ~ He is my Saint and Sanity! I sure couldn't live this path we have chosen without all the hard work and love that he puts into our family <3
Joe ~ 20 ~ Drummer, Husband, great Big Brother, serving the US Army
Zach ~ 18 ~ Discovering the world, Artist, Video Gamer
Justin ~ 11 ~ Public Schooler with a Homeschool Heart <3 ~  Loves reading, building things, and figuring it all out. Bright mind with a wide array of  interest
Nathaniel ~ 6 ~ another public schooler with a Homeschool Heart <3 ~ Artist, imaginative, loves to read and build things
Gabriel ~ 4 ~ a very busy little guy into mischief at ever turn
Jaxon ~ 2 ~ my very sweet lil' man is another mischievous lad, so eager to do what all the big boys are doing

♥♪♫•.•°*°•.¸¸♥. PEACE and LOVE .•°*° ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥


  1. Thanks for joining Collage Friday! Loved seeing your family! :-)

  2. Wow! Now that's a lot of testosterone...Beautiful family you have!

    Found you through Collage Friday...