Monday, January 23, 2012

Who knew getting a template would be so difficult.....

I got the idea of starting my own blog after spending the weekend sifting through the Top 100 Homeschool Blogs listed on a site. I loved the idea of networking, sharing ideas, links, lesson plans, meal plans, and so on. There was so many gorgous designs. As a past webdesigner the layout and look meant everything to me. After searching the net for hours, I finally stumbled onto a template I really liked. Done. That simple. NOT so fast....There were errors in the template that wouldn't allow me to use it. So back to square one. Pressed for time and energetic little boys running rampid throughout the house I threw them each a bowl of cereal and flopped them down in the family room to watch some Thomas the Train. I grabbed a template and it worked...So now what? I was thinking "Write your first post Wendy." So my FIRST post is a rant about getting this blog going LOL

What I want to offer with this blog is an inside look on how we're living the free range life. I'll be sharing how we homeschool, our homesteading adventures,  recipes, and the many great resources I find along the way.
I hope you bare with me as I get used to this new outlet and find myself a blogging routine.

Peace and Love Always

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  1. i LOVE it!!!!~ definately gonna start one myself!