Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some people just have no clue as to how easy and cheap it actually is to home educate. People have been home educating since the beginning of time. Today's dumbed down brain washed society now finds it as taboo. SMH
Organic food is now the fancy term for nonpoisonous non GMO food... my Grandmother just called that food!!!! SMH
It just baffles me that so many people this day in age just go with flow, do as your told!
How is sending kids off for a 2 hr bus ride, 8 hrs a day sitting in a stuffy overcrowded classroom, practically being raised by others! Crap food, exposure to things you have NO CLUE about....SMH
Parents saying "I'm not qualified to teach my children" "It cost too much to home school"...SMH REALLY!!!! AND YOU CHOOSE to have these kids???? Children learn every step of the way, all hours of the day...it's ALL a learning experience! I have an 8th grade education, GED, some college yet I do it!!!! We make it work! I learn right along with them. Yes it IS work! But isn't raising and teaching children the PARENTS responsibility? NOT the state or federal government!
I dunno...there's my rant for the day!!! People just cease to amaze me...I am loosing all hope in humanity and the genius of our species. Sheeple! These are the same folks that say "get your shots! They will save your lives!" SMH I won't even get into that....

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