Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Call the Networking Paramedics….Internet Down!

This post will be a day late (I hope only a day)
Oh what a day! I wake up and the first thing I have done EVERYDAY since Joe’s deployment in July is to grab the laptop and check Facebook for any signs of movement or that little green chat dot. NO CONNECTION!!! UGGGG, ok, I can do this…I can…or at least I think I can. Dad was cooking breakfast as I was trying to figure out the internet situation, still nothing... Today I am having severe attachment withdraws. I love the fact that I can keep tabs on my son who is away at war. How families done it back in the day I will never know. My heart aches for them when I think about that.  I am a wreck, but technology makes it a lot easier to deal with rather than waiting months for a letter.
(Friday morning at my pain management appointment I was given the results of the previous days MRI. The Dr. proceeded to tell me that my MRI showed abnormal “spots” on my uterus and alerted me to contact my OB GYN a.s.a.p. to set up an appointment. I got an injection in my hip joint. By Friday night I was in more pain than the severity that had sent me there in first place. )
 As I am calling pain management the school calls to tell us N is in the office crying his foot hurts real bad and this was the second time he had complained about it at hurting and said it hurts more. So dad to the rescue! He came home and his foot seems just fine. I was transferred to the nurse’s voicemail and left a message.
I don’t have a phone book and rely on Google to look up phone numbers. No internet …no number. I tried calling information and they gave me 3 wrong numbers. I finally gave up and called my mother to look up the OBGYN’s number for me. (Guess what arrived in the mail today ~ a phone book LOL ) They couldn’t even set up an appointment for me. I had to call PM back and have them fax over the MRI report. Neither office called me back today =0(
Anyway I found more productive ways to stay busy. I did some well overdue cleaning, laundry, I baked bread, homeschooled Jax and N (since he was home), made homemade pizza, and caught up on a lot of reading material I have downloaded the past few months to the Kindle PC app. (Joybilee Farms puts out a daily list of free downloadable Kindle books from Amazon I try to share on the Living a Free Range Life Facebook page) I have probably acquired several hundred. Today I focused on the issues of Backwoods Home magazines. I really enjoy the actual magazine, but since we have cut back the budget I can no longer afford to subscribe or buy issues. Last week I was able to download about a dozen free past issues. So this evening I got my read on and boy did I. We have been throwing around the idea to raise our own beef and milk cow. There was a great article in issue #130 Jul/Aug 2011 all about the pros and cons, grain fed vs grass fed. I have to the conclusion that at this time it is best if we seek out a farmer who is already raising a grass fed and purchase one from them. I don’t think we’re quite ready to raise our own. There are still a lot of improvements that need done to the barn to accommodate livestock and the feed cost right now in our area is outrageous. Fence still needs purchased and installed. Cows are pretty pricey too and after reading the article a lot can go wrong. We just don’t have that kind of money to take any risk right now and with the news we got Friday, I’m in no condition to take on a task that big. Our new little guy Skittles has me on my toes as it is.
So tomorrow they are sending out a tech to check the lines. Last year around this time we had the same problem. After several phones calls someone finally came out to check the lines. They kept insisting it was a problem in the house lines. We had already checked them and they were fine, but you know how that goes…The tech went down the road checking boxes and lines and found that a mouse had nested in a box and chewed lines. I explained to the guy over the phone today about last years situation so he agreed to send out a tech. You’d think with all the money we pay for services they would be more apt to keep you as customer. There is no such thing as good customer service anymore.
J wanted to play an Xbox game online and couldn’t, the boys and I were lost without our bedtime Netflix movie. This day in age we sometimes forget the simpler way of doing things and get caught up in all of the technology and we sometimes forget how to act and live without it all. I found myself periodically checking throughout the day to see if the internet connection had somehow miraculously reappeared. A girls gotta try ;0)

♥♪♫•.•°*°•.¸¸♥. PEACE and LOVE .•°*° ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ Wendy

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