Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why do we Homeschool? Our Top 10 Reasons.

Why do we homeschool? 

In our experiences, people such as  friends,  relatives, and even total strangers have asked this rather large and complicated question in a nonchalant and often cynical manner. I’m certain most homeschooling parents would agree that responding to the ?why? question is not something that can be accomplished succinctly or casually. After all, the question is big, a  really BIG question.
I will try to answer why, but the main reasons are Family and FREEDOM!

  1. Customized teaching and learning ~ One of the great advantages of homeschooling is the ability to recognize a child's distinct learning styles and needs and tailor a family's teaching and learning approach accordingly.  The increasing popularity of homeschooling has led to curriculum resources for every type of learner, from a wide variety of purchased, packaged curricula to choose from, to countless online learning sites, to community programming specifically targeting homeschoolers.  For "eclectic" homeschoolers and unschoolers who may choose a more unstructured approach to homeschooling, there are museums, libraries, academic and cultural events, classes, lessons, and a host of other resources to facilitate child-led learning.  Homeschooling allows us the flexibility to adapt to a child's specific learning needs and use the full resources of the community and its people to augment learning.
  2. Focus on family ~ Homeschooling positions family at the center of our children's life, fostering family togetherness and core values, and creating a safe, nurturing environment in which to learn and grow and to strengthen sibling bonds - Homeschooling our boys allow them build strong sibling bonds, learning from and with each other, collaborating and trouble-shooting, and creating together each day.
  3. Enjoy outdoor learning - The efficiency of homeschooling, of individualized learning, creates many opportunities for free play and exploration, much of which occurs outside of one's home, throughout one's community, and through meaningful interactions with the natural world around us. We benefit from having the world as our classroom.
  4. We get to sleep in on school days and Sometimes, we do school in our pajamas.
  5. Reclaim childhood - Childhood today runs at a dizzying pace, with pressures to grow-up faster and earlier than ever before.  Homeschooling helps to reclaim and retain the innocence and spirit of childhood for each kid a wee bit longer.
  6. Quality literature for our textbooks. We love the library an online resources!
  7. We get to create our own schedule. Homeschooling helps us to prioritize how a child's time is spent each week to maximize curiosity and self-directed learning, and minimize stresses and waste. It helps us to slow down, simplify and focus on creating more peaceful, unhurried family rhythms.
  8. Our family likes to spend time together. Homeschooling provides us with the gift of time.  Time together to teach and learn.  Time for children to uncover and pursue their own talents.  Time to explore nature and the world around us.  Time to read.  Time to play.  Time to dream!
  9. We have control over the curriculum which means we're free to follow our interests. Our daily routine allows for plenty of life lessons, self sufficiency, unstructured free time and opportunities to foster creativity through imaginative play and the arts. 
  10. Hands-on multi sensory activities make learning fun and meaningful! We believe learning should be joyful!

What are your thoughts on this list?  How does it compare with your own top reasons to homeschool your kids?

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